"It's official: France bans short haul domestic flights in favour of train travel. The European Commission has approved the move which will abolish flights between cities that are linked by a train journey of less than 2.5 hours"

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We have 6 days left on our free oracle server account, and have used £12 of compute & storage.

You can check the storage use here: critcare.social/custom_metrics

We can cut costs a bit by moving some storage to a bulk container or S3 bucket, but that will take a bit of work and a wee bit of downtime.

Getting away with bullshit:

Remember the time in 2017 when United Airlines got some security guards to smash a pulmonologist's face in because he politely declined to give up his seat?

United posted greater profits that quarter, and the CEO got promoted after saying Dr Dao was "re-accommodated". The airline slogan was "fly the friendly skies".

Future historians will use this story to help explain our civilisation.


Nazis and antisemites are bad

Constitutional democracy and equality before the law are good

These things are not hard, nor are they validly in question, my fellow Americans

On Dec 2, 1859, Abolitionist John Brown was the first American ever executed for treason. The second ever executed for treason was Aaron Dwight Stevens (March 15, 1831 – March 16, 1860).

Their crimes? Attempting to free the enslaved. The first Americans executed for treason was for the crime of freeing the enslaved.

Legality is not always a measure of justice & morality, but a measure of power. This was only two life spans ago.

May we learn from these atrocities & uphold justice forever.

Some notes on ’s , cc:ing @sociology (19/...)

Chapter 4: racial progress

We ain’t gonna get anywhere without work

“Like most effective , America’s reigning narrative of racial progress takes partial truths, and attempts to elevate them to incontestable facts”

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Incredible effort by all SAnDMAN investigators! We are fast approaching our target of 2000 patients and to support our collaborators to complete data collection we have exceptionally extended the deadline until end of March 2023!

Interest to join now? New sites accepted until 15 Dec 22!

There’s a group of people who pay fastidious attention to preserving every detail of the evidence for one of the most terrible crimes in human history.

By protecting the details they maintain an incontrovertible record for future generations. Someone needs to keep making this point, because there are plenty of people who would rather forget: the holocaust was perpetrated by ordinary people, just like you an me. Please follow @auschwitzmuseum

as the institutionalization of

: “new scientific institutes and universities… created in every city a culture that encourage scientists to look for new problems, to solve them through experiment and teamwork, and to train the next generation of discontented experts”

I love the phrase

nights are brutal. So.much.superinfection.😔☠️😔
Yes FluA is terrible but also the most vicious Strep I have ever seen in my career, and I predate routine Strep vaccines.

Never seen a respiratory season like this. Makes you wonder about all the “asymptomatic” COVID in kids - did it interfere with their innate immunity somehow?
Or maybe flu is particularly vicious this year. 🤷‍♀️

@iwashyna @jopo_dr HEAL-COVID is a MASSIVE team effort (which is why IMO if is fun). Post-hospital anticoag prophylaxis is often prescribed after COVID despite the minimal evidence base, we were just attempting to provide some actual evidence of benefit (or not). The trial most def did not look at people who have actual clots or those who have Long COVID, which are v different populations!

Okay, I've made the move over and so I should probably post something on here!

So here's my intro...

Hi all, I'm an manager ( / data analyst by background), managing the Thames Valley & Wessex Adult Critical Care Network.
I'm also the co-chair of the UK Adult Critical Care Networks Managers Group.

Interested in Quality Improvement ( member), data and of course all things !

Last week was special.

The Crit Care programme at awarded its first ever .

After 5 years in the making (2 years of work even before the first student logged in!) and a pandemic during lauch year we wondered if this moment would ever come.

Congratulations to all our graduating students and to all my amazing colleagues but particularly my partner in crime Graham Nimmo (second from left) who retires this year.

Pine martens - aren’t they just beautiful?
A departure from my mountain photography today. I have spent the last six summers photographing pine martens from my tiny hide in the woods near #Inverness in the #ScottishHighlands.
This animal on the right is only 5 months old, leaning up against her mum and having a look around. A magical moment, and one I am privileged to have seen.
#PineMarten #WildlifePhotography #Scotland #Inverness #ScottishWildlife

Hello Mastodon. I post random photos from the NW Highlands of Scotland. Mostly from Torridon.

27 November 1912 | A Pole, Janusz Żak, was born in Zawiercie. An accountant.

He was incarcerated at Auschwitz on 11 December 1941.
No. 23968
He perished in the camp on 27 April 1942.

See our online lesson "Poles at KL Auschwitz”: lekcja.auschwitz.org/en_2020_0

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #ww2 #WorldWar2 #Poland #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #education #history #people #remember #education

Today I was interviewed by a very nice guy from a German radio called ARD. I guessed D = Deutschland but when I asked what A and R stand for, he said something that lasted 20 seconds. So I thought I should re-share a cartoon I made a few years ago 😁

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