My PhD dissertation

Mainly cardiovascular physiology and statistical models.

So it’s getting ☃️🌨🥶 and slippery! NSAIDs are great analgesics but in high-risk patients, are they risky?

Built on some great research done by a pharmacy student!

Peri-operative management of neuromuscular blockade
A guideline from the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

I’ve just discovered , and it’s made my night.

You can write in markdown and drop some python in the middle of it to make a figure.

It’s like , with code in the middle. Or like , but you can use . Or like , but you can generate a pdf from it.

Phenomenal. I’m going to drive future coauthors round the bend by insisting that we write everything in it.

I'm an anesthesiologist at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris. I'm doing research on data science in the perioperative and critical care settings. I'm working on big data analysis on patient monitor data, real time data pipelines, signal analysis and algorithms


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