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I'm Lou. I'm a critical care rehab volunteer at University Hospitals Plymouth, part of team

I'm a patient advocate and blog writer and public speaker, sharing my personal experiences of being a patient in ICU and beyond.

I've recently been appointed as a PPV Partner on the Adult Critical Care CRG which is super exciting.

My passion is patient experience and rehabilitation, and one day I hope to work in these areas.

Looking forward to networking with you all!

First social toot (toot - teehee- still makes me laugh).

Off to see Simon Russell Beale in what looks like a great play at the Bridge tonight.


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I am a uk clinical , based at Queen Mary university of london and the Royal London Hospital. My work focusses on prevention and treatment of acute muscle wasting, and post intensive care syndrome. I also chair the National Rehabilitation Collaborative.

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Hello everyone! It's Tamas a critical care consultant and researcher from Wales. I'm here for the learning and connection. Let's see how this space goes. I have a little sidehustle on posting links to Hungarian rock songs under so apologies if you get spammed with that ;)

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. I am an trainee and clinical research fellow in critical care with an interest in critical illness associated immune dysfunction, metabolism and . I am an aspiring researcher, passionate about improving + healthcare and a (perpetually bruised) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. I very much look forward to learning from the many brilliant minds of!

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A photo of an engineer wiring an early IBM computer, 1958 by Berenice Abbott.

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OK- My

Brand new consultant intensivist (completed training in August) after 18 years a trainee.
Interested in shock, ECMO, haemodynamics, burnout, social media and medical education...

And notably . I've spent a long time training in it, and now spend lots of time teaching and supervising.

I'm still working out how to be a consultant, and am grateful for the chance to learn from everyone here!

many thanks to @kennethbaillie for setting this up.

I’m Sandy and I work with a great multi professional team at the Intensive Care Society. I love my job.

I’m interested in emotional intelligence, leadership and strategy within intensive care.


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