@Charlotte_Summers happy new year!!

I have that feeling too that 2023 won’t be a walk in the park.

But at the same time, if there’s something great that the last few years have shown, it’s the resilience & solidarity of the community !

That’s encouraging for the future even if we have a bumpy ride ahead

Wanted to say happy New Year to our amazing community.

2022 has been tough and I suspect 2023 will not be a walk in the park, but I am hopeful for the future. There are amazing and inspiring people out there who will find ways to make the world a better place, and I look forward to doing what I can to support/contribute. Together we can do it.

Happy New Year to all on mastodon and in our little community on critcare.social !

I don’t read quite (nearly) as voraciously as @iwashyna and @hauschildt but here’s a short article that I really enjoyed, and that every consumer of the scientific literature should read. It nails the flaw behind peer review:

“We treated science like it’s a weak-link problem where progress depends on the quality of our worst work.”


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Last week was special.

The Crit Care programme at awarded its first ever .

After 5 years in the making (2 years of work even before the first student logged in!) and a pandemic during lauch year we wondered if this moment would ever come.

Congratulations to all our graduating students and to all my amazing colleagues but particularly my partner in crime Graham Nimmo (second from left) who retires this year.

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People who believe in global conspiracies involving scientists have clearly never been in the same room as >1 academics who disagree on even the most minor topic

🐦🔗: twitter.com/GidMK/status/15971

My first and a
Currently in my 2nd year of a PhD studying in and in as a wannabe Also full-time servant to a mini panther (Oscar) and currently trying to navigate my way around Mastodon! Looking forward to meeting more people here!

Allow me to reintroduce myself 😉

I’m a sociologist working in critical care at Johns Hopkins.
Recently described by mentor as a . I like talking and thinking sociologically with clinically minded folks to improve healthcare.
I have two dogs and live in Bmore.
I toot about:

First post!
Hello everyone, Steve Mathieu - Critical Care Consultant. I am President Elect of the Intensive Care Society (U.K.) and Divisional Director Clinical Delivery (Crit Care, Anaesthetics, Theatres, Pathology, Imaging, Therapies, Pharmacy) at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. SOA Congress Director 2018-2021 and SMACC Programme Director 2018.
Interests in service development, patient and staff experience, education (senior editor and co-founder of ‘The Bottom Line’) 👋

Given the absence of QT's over here (an intentional design choice), I am finding referrals to good follows even more valuable

as it were, with some folks who toot regularly

May I recommend:

Some generally interesting :


Some -nerds / in medicine:


Clinically / oriented:


We're hosting a talk this Tuesday on 'Global Governance for Pandemic Preparedness and Response post COVID-19' - online and open to all! lshtm.ac.uk/newsevents/events/

Academic writing people! I’d love to start a discussion about how you do your lit reviews. One tool I find super valuable is connectedpapers.com.

I won’t do a long masta-torial(?), but basically it’s an amazing visual tool in which you provide one ‘seed’ reference, and it gives you the whole local academic landscape. Below is what happens when you put in, e.g., LUNG-SAFE.

What’s your workflow?


critcare.social is growing fast - here's the number of server processes over the past 2 weeks:

@Charlotte_Summers @iwashyna @kennethbaillie @IPFdoc

Lots to unpack here.

A) we should not use the term Acute exacerbations of ILD. This is like saying AE of airway disease lumping in CF, COPD & Asthma. MAKES NO SENSE. An AE of IPF is very different than an AE of PM/DM. I wish (and please share this with the authors I really love) the authors were more rigorous in their language.

B) For Acute Exacerbations of IPF we need #RCT see prepandemic convo here twitter.com/kaminskimed/status

@Anna_Batchelor @BenMorton Many thanks! The server is owned and run by the community, and at the moment costs are minimal.

The work of hosting and moderating is presently done by @Charlotte_Summers @critcarereviews @dave @Iceman_ex @iwashyna @kennethbaillie @load_dependent @Mozza @neerajsingh @RosieICM @Whistlingdixie4

We'll set up an opencollective finance site over the next few days but for now the best way to support it is to encourage people to join and post!

Wondering how many #medtwitter folk have moved to use #MedMastodon!! Good to know you’re here. Say hi and give me a follow and I’ll try and post relevant helpful #MedEd toots

#introduction I’m Jenny, icu and anaesthetic consultant in east mids. Refugee from the bird app and trying to get the hang of the tootosphere but a bit lost. ICU IP lead since Aug 2019 (for my sins), iceberg spotter, Cassandra. Knitter, #iculibertysinger, shelled-warrior fan & love #vanlife, the great outdoors, sunshine and holidays. Learner, teacher, mentor. Kindly soul. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams #critcare #medmastodon

@jopo_dr @BenMorton @Charlotte_Summers @RosieICM @bryan_reidy @Mozza this conversation alone has made it clear that Twitter is dead. I would add that there was also the element of “magic number medicine” in both waves, as per Dan Harvey’s ethics paper journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/

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