It's macabre and no-one really wants to face their own mortality but "The only aspect of life that we can be truly certain about is death". Culturally, conversations about death feel to me increasingly taboo.

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I'm not directly involved in organ donation work but I observe that public engagement for the "opt out" system in England has not been particularly strong.

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‘They would have never wanted this…’ One of the most heartbreaking phrases we frequently hear from relatives of frail patients who are failing to improve after critical admission. The advanced care directive is an often quoted but rarely used approach to clearly express one’s wishes in the UK. Why has uptake of this been so poor? Should we try to stimulate a public conversation about this as critical care professionals?

Fantastic to see continued uptake of our recommendations to promote equitable partnership published in @Anaes_Journal within academic publishing. Latest example from Health Policy and Planning below:

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@Iceman_ex I spotted this the other day and while I wholeheartedly agree I think the same slide could apply to ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, RRT and vasopressors just as equally.

The below from Alex Psirides has always stuck with me.

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Please boost this. If you deactivate/delete your Tw*tter account, your @ handle will be publicly available in 30 days. The chances that you will be impersonated with no recourse is very high! Don’t do it - especially if you had a fairly popular account.

To wipe things, deactivate your account, then go to bird site /login and reactivate it. All of your followers will be gone. Now lock the account and let it rot. @semiphemeral is a great tool for wiping data, including DMs.


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7,240,667 accounts
+3,820 in the last hour
+101,393 in the last day
+585,720 in the last week

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Russia’s War on Ukraine- USA spending <6% of defence budget can be seen as a good return 

“ The Ukrainian armed forces have already killed or wounded upwards of 100,000 Russian troops, half its original fighting force; there have been almost 8,000 confirmed losses of armored vehicles including thousands of tanks, thousands of APCs, artillery pieces, hundreds of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and numerous naval vessels.”

This is a really useful resource for junior researchers learning the ropes or old dogs like me seeking a refresher (or more likely struggling to learn new tricks). Published open access by your @Anaes_Journal….


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@Anna_Batchelor @BenMorton Many thanks! The server is owned and run by the community, and at the moment costs are minimal.

The work of hosting and moderating is presently done by @Charlotte_Summers @critcarereviews @dave @Iceman_ex @iwashyna @kennethbaillie @load_dependent @Mozza @neerajsingh @RosieICM @Whistlingdixie4

We'll set up an opencollective finance site over the next few days but for now the best way to support it is to encourage people to join and post!

@kennethbaillie I understand you are the host for This is very generous, thank you. Reading around the twitter migration issues on mastodon is this impacting on you? Is there a particular way to donate to support server capacity? Is this needed at present? Is there anything broader the community can do to support? I’m not particularly technical but keen to make this work as I’m sure other members are too.

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✅Low vs high vasopressor exposure in vasodilatory hypotension

3 RCTs, 3496 pts

👇Lower vasopressor exposure likely reduces 90d mortality: RR 0.94 (0.87-1.02)
Similar trends confirmed for elderly pts & pts with chronic hypertension



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As a relatively recently diagnosed autistic Dr it’s great to see organisations like the BMA holding these sessions

I wonder how good an understanding we Drs have of how autistic colleagues may present in the workplace *especially* if female and/or PoC. The narrative around autism seems very male focused

It’s been quite the journey of self discovery!

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Less is more for critical care demonstrated once again in this trial of early mobilisation: I know it’s boring but getting the basics right (and confirming exactly what the basics are) has been the overarching message for the last 20 years of crit care research. Is that an old and grizzly view? I have less and less truck for ‘magic bullet’ enthusiasm these days.

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Hi all! I'm part of the #TwitterMigration. As an #Introduction, I'm a #Pulmonary and #CriticalCare physician and #Epidemiologist in #Pittsburgh. My research focuses on #Sepsis, #Syndemics, #GlobalCriticalCare #GlobalHealth with collaborations mostly in #Kenya, and relationships between community-level features and risk for sepsis. I'm a mama #WomenInSTEM, U5 soccer coach, lover of the #forest, skier, #Peloton rider, and music fan #soca #afrobeats #dancehall #bluegrass.

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🔐The continued occurrence of death and serious harm from unrecognised oesophageal intubation worldwide suggests that an approach to prevention solely focused on stressing removal of the tube if no carbon dioxide is detected is not a complete solution👇


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@avkwong can we get spread amongst the ESICM digital cognoscenti? Would be great to get ICM on here too (@Anaes_Journal are already here 😀)

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